Snow Removal

Stormville Volunteer Fire Co. Is seeking bids for plowing and snow removal at their 112 Old Route 52 and 26 Mt. Top Rd. locations for the 2021-2022 snow season.  Sealed bids will be accepted until 11/15/21.  Contract will be awarded the night of 11/15/21.  Please visit for details

Point of contact for Snow Management Contract will be as follows.

Tom Cirrincione President, Stormville Fire Co

Cell 845-206-2993

Email – 

Submit Bids to:

Stormville Fire Company

Attn: Snow Removal Bid Committee

PO Box 55 Stormville NY 12582

**Contract will be awarded to the Technically Qualified Lowest Bidder**


2021-2022 Snow Season

This contract is to run from the date of awarding the contract to June 1st, 2022.

This contract covers:

Location 1: at 112 Old Route 52 Stormville, New York 12582

Location 2: at 26 Mountain Top Road, Stormville, New York 12582


This can be submitted as a complete bid for both locations, or as two separate bids covering the individual locations. No changes to this contract by the contractor will be permitted; any changes will result in your bid being dismissed.


Location 1: will be plowed when 1 ½ inches or more of snow has accumulated, and when less than 1 ½ inches has accumulated the areas will be sanded with highway sand and salt mixture in order to melt ice and snow and provide traction.  Location 1: will be checked by contractor every two hours while storm is happening.  During the storm the contractor will monitor, shovel and sand the ramp using a plastic edged shovel as well as the iron staircase, walkway between the buildings, and in front of the overhead doors on both buildings as needed.  There is to be no snow plowed against the chain fence of our neighbor and no snow plowed towards the rear buildings west wall.  This area is for responding personnel parking only. All the snow from the front of the main building is to be pushed across the street. The parking lot across the street from the main building is to be plowed from the road to all the way to the rear of the parking lot.  On the west side of the main station, the roof from the main building continuously drips onto the driveway alongside the building as the snow melts.  This situation must be continuously monitored for an icing condition and sanded as needed.  There may still be icing days after the storm has finished.


Location 2:  will be plowed when 1 ½ inches of snow has accumulated, and when less than 1 ½ inches has accumulated the area will be sanded with a concrete safe ice melting mixture in order to melt the ice and provide traction.  Location 2:  will be checked every two hours while storm is happening and will have all snow pushed back on the south side past the propane torpedo gas tank in rear the of the building.  The sidewalk that connects both rear walk in doors to the front walk in door as well as the overhead doors will be cleared of snow so they are fully accessible.


Contractor will request vehicle drivers of any vehicles in the way of plowing and sanding to remove them if drivers are present.  Work around vehicles not moveable taking care while plowing and sanding to not damage any vehicle on the premises. Contractor will be liable for any damage to vehicles on the property. This applies to both location one and two.


Diagrams of the above two locations are attached.


Contractor will supply all equipment to remove all snow from buildings after heavy snow to designated areas as shown on maps. Contractor will also supply a list of any and all vehicles/equipment available for snow removal.


Snow plow contractor will provide a certificate of insurance that they have a one million dollar Commercial Liability Insurance and Auto Liability Insurance. Listing the Stormville Fire Co. as additionally insured.

The contractor will supply a 24 hours telephone number, preferably a cell phone number that the contractor will be using during plowing. The fire company must be able to directly contact the contractor on this number.

 Any expense incurred by Stormville Fire Company to sand and plow that is necessary due to the contractor’s lack of performance of this contract will be deducted from remaining contract payments.

 Any and all damage to the property, including the lawn and parking stops, will be repaired to original condition by the snowplow contractor.

 Payment for the contract will be in three (3) installments.


              At the signing of the contract

              February 28, 2022

              June 1, 2022


Payments will be made by a Stormville Fire Company Check.

Photos Of Locations

Rear of 112 Old Route 52

Overall 112 Old Route 52

Front lot 112 Old Route 52

26 Mountain Top Road