Building Information

Stormville Fire Company, Inc. is requesting bids for the New Doors for Stormville Fire Company Sub-Station project proposed for the existing metal sided, wood framed, pole building located at 26 Mountain Top Road, Stormville, NY.

Refer to: Contract drawings, prepared by Beckwith Group Architects dated 9/23/2016, Rev 12/10/2016, and the following Scope of Work.

Scope of Work consists of, but not limited to:

BASE BID – Temporary support of existing construction, demolition of overhead doors, man door and adjacent wall. Provide new structural elements, 2 new overhead doors with operators, new man door with frame, concrete landing and walkway. Provide canopy construction over the new man door and over an existing man door. Replace all metal siding on front face (facing Mountain Top Road) of the structure. New metal siding shall be 36” coverage, lap seam, full height, exposed fastener, R-Panel profile, 26 gauge, with smooth finish and Galvalume Plus coating, as manufactured by MBCI, or approved equal. Color selection shall be by the SFC from the manufactures standard color palette. Scope of work includes all necessary electrical demolition and installation to support the aforementioned scope.


ADD ALTERNATE – replace all metal siding on the remaining 3 faces of the structure, same material as specified above. Include all electrical and/or mechanical/plumbing removal and reinstallation required to replace the siding.

The successful contractor shall be responsible for all insurance certificates, permits and inspections to satisfy the requirements of the East Fishkill Building Department, a Payment Bond and a Performance Bond in the amount equal to the Bid Price, and Option#1 if exercised. Contractor shall disclose the name of any intended sub-contractors in their bid proposal.

Contract drawings, prepared by Beckwith Group Architects dated 9/23/2016, Rev 12/10/2016, may be viewed and/or printed from our website at

Site visits are available by appointment and should be requested by email to
All questions should be directed to the same email.

Prevailing Wages are not a requirement.

All bids shall be submitted to Stormville Company, Inc., Attn: “Building Committee”, P.O. Box 55, Stormville, NY 12582 and received on or before May 26, 2017, 5:00PM.  Bid package shall include Base Bid price, Option #1 price, complete scope of work, and 3 references for projects of similar scope and contact information for the references.

Stormville Fire Company, Inc. reserves the right to Accept or Reject any and/or all bids.

Stormville Fire Company, Inc. is a recognized 501(c)(3) organization.

The above documentation and Bid Sheet is available here SUBSTATION DOORS RENO 

Plans as drafted by Beckwith Group Architects

A1 Plans and Specifications 

A2 Elevations 

A3 Details